Jenks Voice Studio


"Brad Jenks has a terrific ear for healthy singing. He's been like this for as long as I can remember. This seems to be his gift. But as his knowledge of singing has grown he has also developed the ability to share that gift with others so it doesn't surprise me that he's made the teaching of singing his vocation. I've known Brad for 22 years. I've traveled with him throughout the US and Europe. I've known him as he's worked in a variety of places doing a variety of things and it makes me happy to know that he's now out there in the world teaching young singers what I was taught: that we are all given a vocal gift and it's our job to take care of it the best we can."

— Nathan Gunn, baritone

"I met Brad in the summer of 2004 while working as a principal artist at Glimmerglass Opera and was instantly struck by his enthusiastic love of music and sincere desire to help others realize their potential as singers and as human beings. He has a good heart, a creative mind and an instinctive ear, and he will no doubt employ all of them fully in his teaching."

— Emily Pulley, soprano

"...You will not find a more thoughtful, sincere, and dedicated person than Brad. As a teacher, you can be assured of these qualities combined with a deep respect for the arts and all they encompass. He admires the human voice and has a great deal of enthusiasm for a healthy sound. You can trust that he will do his very best to make you a better, and most importantly, a happier performer."

— Yvonne Gonzales-Redman, soprano

"Brad is an extremely enthusiastic, dedicated, knowledgeable instructor of voice and singers of all levels and backgrounds could benefit from studying with him. He possesses a keen ear, and will help you develop a healthy and effective approach to singing for years to come."

— Casey Robards, Opera Dept. Accompanist and Coach, Indiana University


"Brad Jenks is one of the most intelligent young teachers I’ve worked with. He has an excellent ear for technique and excels at the ability to assign exercises that address each individual’s vocal issues. His teaching style is not “one size fits all,” but instead, Brad tailors his approach to each student individually. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting your journey, Brad Jenks is poised to be one of the great teachers of his generation."

— Catheryne Shuman, soprano, Houston, TX

"Brad Jenks has taught me more about my own voice than I ever knew was possible. His teaching style is different than most in a way that he makes a student challenge themselves. My voice has improved so much after 8 years of being his student, and the only reason I'm not a student anymore is because I moved. Brad is not only a great teacher, but an incredible friend and role model."

— Kate Swindle, soprano, Champaign, IL

"After various conversations with Brad on vocal technique and pedagogy, we decided to do some work together. His extensive knowledge of the voice paired with a very personable manner, made taking lessons extremely enjoyable. It was refreshing to work with a teacher that wasn't afraid to tackle vocal problems head on; he had such a great understanding of how the voice works that he could address the technical problems I was facing, before going above and beyond in helping me overcome them."

— Louise Rogan, mezzo-soprano, Chicago, IL

"I had been taking voice lessons elsewhere for a couple months before beginning lessons with Mr. Jenks. Immediately, after our first lesson I knew that I was taking lessons with an extremely knowledgeable and very skilled teacher. Mr. Jenks started with the basics about how one sings and creates sound, and we explored the anatomy of singing to get a better understanding of the best and healthiest way to sing. Every lesson I learn about how to better improve my singing and my overall musicality."

— Zane Chung-Mehdi, baritone, Lake Zurich, IL

"Working with Brad has allowed me to understand the fundamentals of healthy singing and the necessary anatomical changes that must occur in order to maintain a solid sound. He promotes independence of thought and focused study, which has helped me to perform better and pinpoint unhealthy habits in my own practice. It has been so encouraging to learn from someone that not only possesses great technical knowledge of the voice, but also outwardly displays a passion and dedication to teaching!"

— Sarah Sarkesian, Chicago, IL

"Brad is an amazing teacher that helped me become a better singer. His exercises, knowledge of technique, willingness to make you become better is something special that not many teachers have. I appreciate everything Brad's done for me and I'd recommend him to anyone wanting to become a improve their singing."

— Kyle Bullock, Champaign, IL

"My studies with Brad were a time of both immense progress and fun. Brad did more than help me grow and find my voice; he also gave me confidence and coached me on performance skills. I have a lot to thank him for."

— Sophie Magro, Champaign, IL

"I studied with Brad for about a year before beginning my masters degree and I'm so glad that I did—nothing could have better prepared me for what real singing is actually like. Upon beginning with him my technique was strident and manufactured, to say the least, and Brad introduced me to a new perspective that has led me to so much more vocal freedom and consistency than I'd ever have expected possible. He addresses issues wholistically, correcting the underlying flaws in the body and communicative intent, allowing a refreshing freedom from the typical rigid micromanaging seen in so many young singers these days. Through this, he lays a foundation that, once mastered, clears the way for the storyteller to come through and the voice to sing itself. I would absolutely recommend working with him if you feel vocally stuck in any way."

— Gregory Storkan, baritone, St. Louis, MO

"Going to my vocal lessons was always my favorite time of the week. I left each one feeling inspired, encouraged and determined. Brad taught me more about my voice and my ability than I thought possible. Not only does Brad teach you to recognize your mistakes, he teaches you how to conquer each one."

— Adrienne Squier, Champaign, IL

"What is great about Brad is that he remains a constant student of the voice and singing and he is able to pass along information to his students. He has a way with explaining techniques and exercises. He concentrates strongly on healthy singing and is always able to promote it through whatever best suits his student. I can honestly say that I learned something new in every lesson. I am a Musical Theatre student at the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point. Without Brad’s guidance and care, I would not be pursuing this program of study. He has been instrumental in my development as a voice major and as a well rounded healthy singer. Thanks Brad!"

— Emmily Thompson, Champaign, IL

"I initially sought voice lessons to feel more confident when singing. Brad indeed helped me gain confidence but I also learned many things, such as: the importance of practicing, scales, breathing, how to read music, and different vocal theories. Brad also helped me appreciate opera music and classical music; two genres that before I would have scoffed at. Now I enjoy a wider variety of music and I also feel more knowledgeable about my voice. Whether I am singing with the radio or performing, I feel that my voice is much stronger and more resonant."

— Rachel Rosenberger, Champaign, IL

"When I came to Brad a few years ago after having been away from the stage and vocal instruction for so many years, he helped me find the confidence to not only find my voice once again, but to try new techniques that make singing so much easier and help me to understand how my voice works. He did all this with knowledge, hard work, kindness and compassion. He will always have my friendship and gratitude. He is among the best. Thanks!"

— Bob Steck, Champaign, IL

"Taking voice lessons from Brad was a great experience. He exposed me to all different kinds of music, songs, singers I would have never found on my own and pushed me to be better than I thought I was. He asked me to think about things in a different way. And he always made our time together fun."

— Grace Peacock, Champaign, IL

"Brad was always extremely professional and very knowledgeable. He is constantly researching his craft, and it is always refreshing to work with someone of that caliber of enthusiasm."

— Laura Anne Welle, Champaign, IL

"My son Arthur had lessons with Brad until we moved out of town. Brad was amazing in finding ways for Arthur to relate to some of his other interests in order to explain some of the voice techniques and concepts. Brad was dedicated and patient, and offered plenty of opportunities for involvement both singing or participating in other voice related events beyond his lessons. We moved last year. Two weeks into the new school Arthur got the leading role in the musical. Thanks Brad!"

— Maria Teresa Alexandra, Champaign, IL

"I studied with Brad for a little over 2 years and my vocal ability grew by leaps and bounds! We worked a lot on developing my upper range, breath support, diction, and a healthier approach to singing (when I started lessons I often blew my voice out at gigs). Additionally, Brad is a great guy to work with. I could tell that he loved teaching, he has a great ear, and he always provided a comfortable atmosphere in his studio. After our time together I continued to gain a deeper understanding of many of the concepts we covered which has enabled me to continue to develop and refine my vocal abilities."

— Steve Meadows, tenor, Champaign, IL

"Before studying with Brad, I had done a lot of singing in choruses and through other outlets and thought I had fulfilled my potential as a casual singer. I realized, however, that I had never found my "voice," (as clichéd as that sounds) either physically or mentally. Through his expert guidance, patience, and true passion for music and teaching, Brad instilled in me a love of singing and performing as an individual I had never felt before. I grew as a singer with each weekly lesson and am certain that anyone fortunate enough to study with Brad will share the same results."

— Andrew Coenen, Champaign, IL

"After studying with Brad for a few months there was a noticeable and positive effect on my singing. Every style of singing can benefit from instruction with Brad. He will stretch the limits of any students voice and teach them how to continue to progress on their own."

— David Goold, Paxton, IL

"Before I met Brad, I was a self-conscious performer completely oblivious to a healthy way of singing. Within a few lessons, I was hitting notes I never thought I could! He gave me the tools and confidence needed to become a stronger, healthier vocalist and performer. Brad encourages students to break through their comfort zones to become their very best. He's a brilliant, professional teacher and a fantastic support-system while helping others pursue their musical goals."

— Leanne Noland, Champaign, IL

"Brad is one of the most patient people. He is willing to take the time to make sure his students fully understand."

— Margot Valentine, Champaign, IL

"My lessons with Brad have really opened my mind, and my voice, to the possibilities of singing full out. Brad is an excellent teacher and a really great guy. He's friendly, welcoming and professional!"

— Sara Salmon, Champaign, IL

"Brad is a fantastic voice teacher. I have learned more from him in one month of lessons than in several months with other teachers."

— Cara Skottene, Voice Teacher and Company Manager, Zoo Theatre Company, Champaign, IL

"Brad is a patient and creative teacher that always made learning fun. There is an obvious love for his work that carries over into each lesson. Brad has helped me acquire many skills needed for healthy singing and a sense of confidence."

— Elisa Covarrubias, Student, Miami, FL

"I first met Brad when he joined the Presbyterian Church Choir in Miami Shores... where I had been singing for the last two years. I had never any formal training but had only been singing for the fun of it. I later learned that he was a voice teacher and asked if he took private students. The answer was yes, and I attended weekly lessons with Brad, who is an excellent voice teacher... for me he has added a lot to the fun of singing."

— Captain Sten Bergqvist, V. P. Marine Operations, International Shipping Partners, Miami, Florida

"Brad Jenks has made the greatest difference in my son William's voice of any vocal coach he has worked with, including all the expensive coaches in LA. We regularly check in with Brad to fix techniques. I just wish he lived closer."

— Donald May, Los Angeles, California

"I just want to say that Brad is a treasure of a teacher! There are so many people out there teaching and charging astronomical amounts to tell young singers garbage. The way he teaches is effective because of the common sense, non esoteric language he uses, I have been able to trust him more than any of my prior teachers. I know this because I am trusting sensations instead of sound more than ever! I want to be a great singer and I know that he teaches toward such a way."

— Christoph Horton Abiel Student, Chicago, Illinois

"Brad Jenks is an extremely skilled voice teacher who genuinely cares about his students and their instruction. I worked with Brad in CUTC's Little Shop of Horrors and was quickly drawn to his passion for music and ability to bring out the best in the ensemble. As an instructor, Brad has given me greater self-confidence, while continually pushing me to improve my range and quality of voice. He forces me to think about my singing in ways that I had never before considered. He truly has a gift, and I always look forward to my time at his studio. I just wish I had found him years ago."

— Mike Allen, Champaign, IL