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Reasonable Expectations #1

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This one goes out to the many young singers who feel destined for the stage! Let’s take a candid look at your practice schedule...... how much do you actually sing? Consider for a moment the hours of a full-time job. On average, 40 hours per week. For the sake of argument, let’s halve that, so [Continue reading »]

The Digital Pupil.....??

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While not a new idea to me, I have recently become conscious of the prevalence of lessons-via-media, specifically the Skype lesson. It seems that they are not just an "option" as they once were. They have apparently become positively mainstream.       Personally, I am wary of this phenomenon. Perhaps more than wary. In [Continue reading »]

The Great Warbling Primate....

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If you ever want to feel small, and lazy, watch a nature program. Sitting down to watch a part of the BBC's Planet Earth I immediately began to wonder, contrasted with the rest of bustling Mother Nature, what exactly it is that I do with my time... But while watching each animal explained, and how well suited [Continue reading »]

First principles..

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I suppose that for my first post on the subject of Singing, I should state a bit about my general approach to the subject, and consequently to this blog: How we think is made manifest in how we act. What we believe is demonstrated by our actions. One may of course be able to come [Continue reading »]

Welcome and Introductions.....

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Hello readers! Welcome to my page. This is my first blog ever, and is an extension of my webpage. Let me take a moment to introduce myself.... My name is Brad Jenks. I am a Vocal Instructor in the Chicago area, a sometime singer, and a casual writer. I have been involved with, in, or [Continue reading »]