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The Scientific Revolution In Vocal Pedagogy

by Julia Hunt Nielsen

{Indiana University, Doctoral Thesis}

A fascinating study in the content of the "Bel Canto" tradition and the impact of scientific developments on the world of Vocal Instruction.

The Myth of Passion and Motivation: How to Stay Focused When You Get Bored Working Toward Your Goals

by James Clear

An article on dealing with the repetitive nature of skill-building. Worth reflecting on by any person whether beginner, intermediate, or advanced.

Vocalogical, Ep. 26 - Guest, Brad Jenks

by Matt Johnson

“The difference between head voice and falsetto and the usage of the terms head voice and chest voice are often discussed among singers! To shed more light on these topics, Brad Jenks, a voice teacher and pedagogue based out of Chicago, joins Vocalogical to share his opinions and experiences.”

Vocalogical, Ep. 27 - Guest, Brad Jenks

by Matt Johnson

“Another intense discussion with Brad Jenks on the break, larynx position, microphones, and more coming your way! This pedagogy interview will give you new thoughts and ideas on prominent topics of the voice, allowing you to understand your instrument on a much deeper level.“

Vocalogical, Ep. 29 - Guest, Brad Jenks

by Matt Johnson

“Making mistakes in lessons, singing cross-genre, and lots of talk on belting are featured on today’s episode of Vocalogical! This is Part 3 of Matthew’s discussion with Brad Jenks, a fellow voice teacher and pedagogue. ”

Vocalogical, Ep. 30 - Guest, Brad Jenks

by Matt Johnson

“The mix, head voice, and chest voice, are terms you’ll hear with the voice all over the place. But, it’s never as simple as it seems. Join Matthew and his guest, Brad Jenks, as they discuss the finer details of all of the terms! This, and more, are all featured in today’s episode!”

Vocalogical, Ep. 31 - Guest, Brad Jenks

by Matt Johnson

“Is classical singing natural? Is belting unhealthy? Matthew talks about these topics and more on the final part of the discussion with his guest, Brad Jenks. These topics have plagued, and continue to plague, the singing and teaching community, and now you get to join in on the fray!”

Vocalogical, Ep. 35 - Guest, Brad Jenks

by Matt Johnson

“Join Chicago voice teacher Brad Jenks and Matthew as they debate and discuss whether or not contemporary styles of singing are more damaging to the voice than classical styles!”

Vocalogica,l Ep. 46 - Guest, Brad Jenks

by Matt Johnson

Brad Jenks comes back on the air to discuss larynx technique/positions! Brad and Matthew talk about the differences in larynx use between contemporary and classical styles of music, belting and head voice, and much much more.

The Most Important Part of a Performance (Which We Usually Forget to Practice)

by Noa Kageyama, PH.D.

{The Bulletproof Musician}

"In situations like these and many others, there are certain indicators of credibility and trustworthiness that influence how open we are to enjoying or fully experiencing the main event – even before it begins."