Jenks Voice Studio

I would not be the musician I am today without the motivation and awareness I have acquired while working with her.

Marissa Howard, Soprano
Chicago College of Performing Arts, Graduate 2017

Sarah's Testimonials


Richard Stilwell, Professor, Roosevelt University, Baritone, Metropolitan Opera, Santa Fe Opera, Lyric Opera of Chicago

Sarah Jenks is a joy and a rare gem! During the final years of my long teaching career at the Chicago College of Performing Arts, Ms. Jenks was the accompanist for both my vocal studio and my graduate class on performance techniques. Time and again she proved herself a dedicated artist of the highest rank, always creating enlightened mood with her beautifully nuanced interpretations. Every day was pure delight working with Sarah. I love her wit, her commitment to excellence, her unselfish camaraderie, and most of all her superb talent.

Nyela Basney, Artistic Director of Opera at North Park University, Founder and Director of Orvieta Musica

The students at North Park University look forward to their coachings with Sarah and leave each hour with new vocal, diction and analytical skills and confidence.  Sarah's work with us is integral in the success of our program.

Linden Christ, Director of Education at Chicago Opera Theater

I've had the wonderful pleasure of working with Sarah Jenks though Chicago Opera Theater's COT for Teens program, where she was our Teen Music Director for two years. Sarah's approach to teaching teens about music helped the teens improve their musicality and grow their enthusiasm for the arts.  She is a pleasure to work with and happily shares her knowledge and talents with those that need it most.

Aaron Hunt, Producing Artistic Director of Transgressive Theatre-Opera

As the musical director for all of Transgressive Theatre-Opera’s productions, Sarah Jenks’ contribution to our artistic success has been paramount. Not only has she provided expert accompaniment while conducting from the piano, she has coached the performers vocally, bringing their art to the highest level, and always in the style appropriate to the composition. Kind and encouraging to both the performers and the production staff, Sarah stills potentially choppy waters with a cheerful smile and a willingness to dive into the work. Her astute interpretation of our operas has allowed her to help us to shed new light on characterizations and blocking, making for a truly collaborative experience. I highly recommend Sarah Jenks as a musical director and coach accompanist.


Sarah has an attention to detail that encourages me to sing with intelligence. Her sharp perception has helped me to clarify and address inconsistencies in everything from diction to singing habits. It is this sensitivity that makes her such a valuable coach and accompanist. She is committed to the collaboration, putting in the time until the product is polished.


Sarah is a wonderful asset to the music community in Chicago. I've been fortunate to work with her on many occasions and it is always a pleasure to collaborate with her. She offers well thought out suggestions and is always striving to bring out the best in both the music and the performers. She has an extensive knowledge of repertoire in opera, art song an musical theater and h​er enthusiasm for this variety of musical genres is refreshing. To top it off, her friendly and personable demeanor make working with her a real joy.


Marissa Howard, Chicago College of Performing Arts, 2017

I have had the pleasure of working with Sarah for several years. In my time coaching with Sarah, there are fundamental concepts and ideas that she has implemented into my practice that has made me a better singer and musician. She is keen to style, history, language, and poetic intent in her coaching and always challenges me to think more musically and purposefully in my singing. I am constantly engaged while working with Sarah, and I always find that I am challenged and encouraged to work harder. Simply put, I would not be the musician I am today without the motivation and awareness I have acquired while working with her.

Nicholas Metzger, Chicago College of Performing Arts, 2016

My time spent coaching with Sarah has been invaluable for my growth as an artist. Not only did her playing give me a solid foundation on which I could express myself, but also through her guidance of  interpretation I was allowed a new freedom in my voice.